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"Stand Tall & Own It"

      with Andrea Johnson

“Just be you!” That’s what they all say. But “just being you” hasn’t always been safe or smart for high performing women - at school, at work, at church, at the PTA or even that exclusive networking event.

Holding back kills your authenticity and limits your impact.

Just because we live in a world that is more friendly to strong female leaders, that doesn't mean you feel "safe" being you. That's why it's imperative to know you, how you fit (or don’t) into the greater expectations of society, and understand that cookie-cutter leadership solutions will never be the answer. Each solution is as unique as the leader it is for.

This podcast was created for high performing female leaders who are ready to make an impact by discovering the safety that comes from understanding their own value and exercising their authority. It’s time to truly “be you,” to Stand Tall & Own It.

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